Tuesday, December 12, 2017
Red State Dems Wisconsin

Welcome to the first installment in our 10-week series titled “Toxic Tea Film Festival – Exposing the Agenda.”This is a joint project of Red State Dems and The Everlasting GOP Stoppers.

As the very foundation of our democracy continues to be threatened by a narrow and exclusionary Tea Party faction of the extreme right-wing, we find ourselves at a point in our nations history where we can no longer be politically passive. Government gridlock has become the status quo, our national wealth is being extracted, and the middle class is shrinking. We find ourselves being represented by politicians that – supported by dark money – drive the climate change denial movement, the assault on women’s rights and LBGT rights, “right-to-work” legislation, “stand your ground” laws, de-funding public education, privatizing prisons, and a whole host of other issues that threaten the American Dream. As such, it’s imperative that we are proactive in educating the masses of what exactly is at stake.

This series is intended to be a fun, educational, and interactive way of doing just that. Consider it a large, online book club – except with movies instead.

Each Thursday, we will ask that you spend an hour or two over the weekend watching a specific documentary that we have identified at critical to help you understand how we got to where we are. If possible, we will provide the film for you, and if not, we will point you to where you can find it. Grab your family and your friends, and make it fun. That Sunday, we will collectively use our online forums to discuss what we have learned, more closely examine some of the topics that were covered in the movie, and engage each other on how we can best fix it. Our hope is, this series will inspire you all to become more engaged in the political process, and hopefully provide you the materials and the knowledge to open some eyes around you. We are very excited about this project, and hope you will participate!

Our first film is called Outfoxed: Rupert Murdoch’s War on Journalism. Without any doubt, Fox News is one of the primary engines of disinformation that permeates certain segments of our society. An ill-informed public is perhaps more dangerous than an uniformed one.

A Synopsis of Outfoxed: Rupert Murdoch’s War on Journalism via Netflix:

Filmmaker Robert Greenwald delivers a no-holds-barred documentary on Rupert Murdoch’s Fox News cable channel, which has been criticized in certain quarters as running a “race to the bottom” in television news. Featuring interviews with a range of media experts, the film offers an in-depth look at the dangers of burgeoning corporations that take control of the public’s right to know and explores Murdoch’s ever-expanding media empire.

Stream Outfoxed: Rupert Murdoch’s War on Journalism on Netflix HERE.

Watch online here for FREE via the unclemontie You Tube channel:

Toxic Tea – Exposing The Agenda Film Festival is a joint project of Red State Dems and The Everlasting GOP Stoppers in collaboration with

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About The Author

Jack is a North Dakota political blogger who also writes for dogWAGGER.com. He is a military veteran and a Christian Democratic Socialist.

  • Darius Dpas Deepazz Smith

    You’re surprised? C’mon!

    • Don McMahan

      well yeah!…..that he admitted it

    • RedStateDems

      I agree with Don – Having lived in the south, it doesn’t surprise me at all that he feels this way. That he believes the Tea Party has pulled the national discourse low enough that he’s safe to say it on camera is what surprised me. Normally these kind of comments are reserved for barroom discussions and whites-only golf courses.

      • http://glittertrixie.tumblr.com Trista

        “That he believes the Tea Party has pulled the national discourse low enough that he’s safe to say it on camera is what surprised me.”

        This. So much this.

  • GandLRocks

    I didn’t need to hear this wad of waste to admit the real reasoning for the law, or the not-so-veiled racism and injustice to know the reason why they pushed for these laws. But it’s good to see him admit to all of it on a public forum, and note how wistfully blind he is to his own self absorbed bigotry. This will not stand!

  • llancas

    Where is DOJ??

    • IceStormer

      They can’t afford to investigate. Their budget was cut by the House and Senate in the Sequester.

  • Efishant

    Wow, I really wanna punch that guy in the face!

  • Republicans_are_Evil

    Time for the federal government to step in and undo the GOP’s treachery. Right wingers cannot be trusted to make laws.

  • BigEz703

    Favorite part of this interview was “You know we can hear you, right? Oh just wanted to make sure you knew we could hear you.” HA!

  • George Gallop

    Now tell me….is the Voting Rights Act really really obsolete….didn’t think so!

  • Tom Sapp

    the federal government needs to step in. this is treasonous, and a slap in the face to all people who lost there lives on our shores in the civil rights movement, and in our foreign wars., so that people have the freedom to vote. what they are doing is as bad if not worse than what goes in in a country with a dictatorship.. patriotic, and freedom loving is not something i would apply to these evil disgusting people….i guess if you can’t win an election, you gotta steal it

  • Independence

    Any law, rule, or practice that prevents more legitimate votes from being cast than the number of illegitimate votes that it prevents violates not just the Fourteenth Amendment but the very concept of a democratic election. Don Yelton has made explicit what what was obvious but perhaps only implicit before now: that these laws have not just the consequence but also the intention of violating the relatively narrow limits of the Fifteenth Amendment as well. Or maybe he and his ilk think it’s not yet 1808. (See, for instance, the beginning of Article 1, Section 9.)

  • magdelinarose

    The only compition for Foxx news often does News 100 degrees better Jason inside Iran when all the reporters were kicked out!

  • magdelinarose

    If You Have children and you are a republican, Yo may be commiting child abuse!
    Good news in Mexico youcan be free to each your children jesus road around on
    a stegasaurus! and Ronnie Reagn never ever raised taxes!
    And Lincoln won the presidency twice as a republican!

  • thomasbone63

    It did not take a rocket scientist to understand the motives of the Republicans in the mostly red states was out to suppress the Black vote.

  • Bwin51

    Voting makes you gay! Hahaha

  • IceStormer

    His only crime was getting caught.